Brett Murphy

Brett MurphyBorn and raised in a suburb of Rochester, New York; Brett went to Allendale Columbia for high school and then matriculated to Seton Hall University in New Jersey.  After school he went to work for a small independent distributor for fluid & air conveyance named Flex Enterprises.  Guy and Linda Murphy (Brett’s Parents), Owned and Operated the business for 26 years which they had started it when Brett and his brother, Brian, were very young; entrepreneurship is in his blood.  As he was working his way up the company, Brett’s parents had an opportunity to sell to a larger company called Omni Services and did so for the development of the staff and for Brett.  He helped Omni expand the business into Canada and learned from a best-in-class company which prepared him for being a business owner.  He now owns Pro Coaches Online, La Jolla Sports Club and www.SanDiego.com which keeps him busy.  The Clubs entire mantra is to create raving fans just like Brett is a raving fan of the Minnesota Vikings, New York Knicks, New York Mets, Seton Hall Pirates, Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Liverpool!  Thank you for being part of such a wonderful wellness community.

Kera Murphy

Kera MurphyKera is the consummate professional, driven entrepreneur.  Hailing from Upstate, NY she cut her teeth on a farm learning the value of hard work and reaping what she sowed.  She is the Mom to her beautiful Blue Pitbull, Lola and an owner of the non-profit Promising Future Fund as well as KLM Hair Design. Kera is also the co-owner of SanDiego.com and ProCoachesOnline.  Her passion is for fitness and helping people achieve ultimate happiness.  You will always see Kera working hard and smiling while doing it as she is the definition of an entrepreneur as portrayed in the May 2018 issue of La Jolla Lifestyle Magazine.  You can find Kera hiking, at a dog park, out to dinner with friends or cruising around town enjoying the sun of San Diego.  She loves this club and would like to thank all of you for being a part of this amazing wellness community.


Born in Hemet, California, Lola lived on a cement block for the first 7 weeks of her life. After being adopted by La Jolla Sports Club, she thrived at being both the head of Public Relations as well as Customer Service. Lola is often referred to as “The Gym Dog” and will greet you at either of her 2 gates to give you a daily dose of love. Her favorite past times are long naps under the chair, sunbathing on the tiles right outside the main door, playing ball with some of her favorite mini-humans in childcare or short walks on the beach. Lola’s specialty is small business outreach, often performed in great detail with her aunt Nita. Her favorite clients are Laura Gambucci, Bowers Jewelers and Meanley & Sons. When she is not at work, you can find her at Fiesta Island or having a slumber party with one of her La Jolla Sports Club colleagues.  Please stop by the front desk whenever you would like to catch up or get a hug- they’re always free.