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By Admin / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on Jun 09, 2016

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  • Lisa

    Hands down one of the best and hardest working spinning instructor at the Club! Music is great and the class really will kick your fitness level up a notch. The classes are always different, with different music and routines! Alberto makes sure your form is correct and your bike fitted properly. Rarely have I witnessed any of the other spin instructors adjusting their students mid class to make sure they are keeping proper form which will avoids injury & strains. The music is fun, upbeat and easy to keep cadence to. Alberto motivates & challenges us all to work harder and push it to the next level. Just as hard as SparkCycle but technically better. Alberto comes to class ready to work and expect us to as well. I’d take more Spin classes with Alberto if they were offered. Please, offer MORE SPIN CLASSES WITH ALBERTO!! And on different days, not on the same day, back to back. Thank you. 🙂

  • Vickie

    Alberto is a great instructor. He kicks everyone into high gear and makes sure you get maximum benefit for the hour spent in his class. I can hit 25 miles and 500 calories in one hour under his leadership!

  • Christine

    Alberto is one of the most motivating, hard core spin instructors I have encountered in a long time. His motivating ways in conjunction with his fantastic choices of music, make an extremely difficult workout more of a breeze! If you really want to beak a sweat, take a spin class with Alberto, you’ll never forget it and always want to return for more!!! This gym needs to offer more spin classes taught by Alberto!!

  • Elaine

    Alberto is the best! He motivates me to try harder and push more. Love his excellent music selection. The music he plays makes it easy to stay motivated and pick up the beat of the intervals.

  • Wes Mudge

    Alberto not only pushes you to a great workout , he also has taught me techniques that have improved my biking, both in spin class and on the road.
    And I’ve been biking for 40 years.