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Brett and Kera Murphy’s State of Affairs, January

Dear Valued Members, We hope you have had a wonderful holiday season and happy New Year! We are just as excited as you to get back into the swing of things. Thus, we want to update you on some new additions to the club and ongoing  projects. New jump ropes have been added to the […]

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The Art of Giving

It’s finally here. You’ve been practicing for this since Jan 2, 2016. You’ve got this. You have mastered the look. That look. That look that says, Why, thank you so much, I absolutely love this gift! We’ve all been there… The (hopefully) well-meaning gifter has blown the opportunity or maybe forgotten who they were giving the gift to. […]

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Brett & Kera Murphy’s State of Affairs, December

Dear Valued Members, Our new bikes are finally in, and members are raving about them. These bikes have many bells and whistles, so we’re offering special workshops to maximize everyone’s understanding of their potential. In the next few months, we’ll incorporate a new console (and app!!!) for the bikes to track your workouts! For the non-cyclists, Studio 1 just got a lot bigger […]

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Straight Cold Chillin’

Ah, San Diego, home of the scarf in 66 degree weather. Above or below that perfect 76 degrees–THAT WE WERE ALL PROMISED WHEN WE MOVED HERE–and it’s ‘Remember back in 2009 when we had that perfect year of weather?’ or ‘I swear, if this happens again, I’m moving back to Kentucky.’ Hahahahaha, kidding, no one […]

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We Honor Our Veterans… And Then We Sweat

Welcome back! Last week, we talked with Bram Wiley about meditation and its many benefits. We all get a little bogged down by the daily act of living, so it was a good reminder to take a step back and just… breathe… So, maybe this is a good time to go read / re-read that article. You see […]

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Meditation and Thankfulajolla Sports Club

We’ll just come right out and say it: we’re focusing on being thankful this month. First up, we’re thankful that there are so many websites and blogs that are also being thankful, so we can just copy / paste this puppy and go on our way (#1)… kidding… or are we??? Nah, we’re thankful for […]

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Brett & Kera Murphy’s State of Affairs, November

Meet The Owners

Dear Valued LJSC Members, We are coming along nicely with the upgrades–LED lighting throughout the gym; maximized floor space with a new equipment layout; a much-needed facelift to Studio 1; and new hot water tanks for the locker rooms! We are lucky that you care as much about the facility as we do, and we appreciate your feedback as […]

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