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State of Affairs, March

Dear Valued Members, First, we would like to thank you for your patience while we installed a new safety mechanism for the downstairs door. Now, all you need is your membership card or keychain to check into the club from the courtyard. This new system allows us to keep track of who’s using the club; […]

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La Jolla Sojourn, Boxing’s Benefits, and Living Well with Parkinson’s Disease

LJSC Boxing

Psychologist by background and training, storyteller by nature, Parkinson’s patient by chance, along with my artist-wife Dianne Frost, I have the very good fortune of being an annual La Jolla winter visitor. Convinced as we are that if exercise were a pill, it would be considered a miracle drug, one of the first things we […]

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Patronus Medical – New Year’s Resolution Special

Metabolizer: Lipo-B (MIC) Injection. Improves overall metabolism and fat mobilization. Lipotropic compounds (MIC) along with Vitamin B12 are injected into the body to stimulate the liver to optimize metabolism and provide the needed metabolic environment for fat mobilization and utilization. We recommend The Metabolizer twice a week for two months to get you in shape […]

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State of Affairs, January

Dear Valued Members, Happy New Year!  We are so happy and excited for the future of our club and want to thank all of you and the La Jolla community for helping us progress. Our latest upgrade, as you may know, was a new computer system, which is cloud based and extra secure for your protection as […]

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Brett and Kera Murphy’s State of Affairs, December

Dear Valued Members, Our computer system has just been updated to better serve our club. This much needed upgrade improves our ability to effectively communicate with one another regarding all membership related subjects. Thus, please note that from here on out your billing transactions for La Jolla Sports Club will be shown as “ABC Financial […]

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Longevity and Skin Vibrancy Program

In partnership with La Jolla Sports Club and Chiltonic, Patronus physicians present an intensive on-site multimodal therapeutic regimen focused on longevity and skin vibrancy. This one month program combines IV (Intravenous) therapy, vitamin and antioxidant injections, cryotherapy, and prescription topical agents engineered and designed to provide unsurpassed skin health and vibrancy synergistically. THE MODALITIES IV […]

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Brett and Kera Murphy’s State of Affairs, November

Dear Valued Members, In the spirit of this month of THANKS, we are so grateful to each and every one of you (and your family and friends) who contribute to the work of our non-profit organization, the Promising Future Fund. We established this organization to allow us the ability to work with local nonprofits needing help with […]

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