Getting to Know Your Zumba / Dance Instructor, Shannon!

A fun, informative interview with La Jolla Sports Club Zumba / Dance instructor, Shannon Welcome to the third installment of our group instructor interviews. Our first week covered Pilates instructor, Shanna; last week, we sat down with Spin instructor, Alberto; and below, you’ll learn a little about Zumba instructor, Shannon. Don’t forget to check our schedule to meet these great instructors and find […]

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Make Your Own Bootcamp!

Tova Nails the Box Jump

Create Bootcamp, Get In, Get Out, Have Fun Imagine the following workout scenarios: Limited time Not motivated Bored of routine Need a change of scenery* Someone challenges you to a medicine-ball-slamming contest Enter: Your Own Bootcamp, which, when being read by you, will be called My Own Bootcamp (MOB, for short). You’ve probably seen our […]

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March Mobility Series #3 – Primal and Functional Movement

Shin box dynamic stretch

Fix your mobility — get back to the basics! We sat down with La Jolla Sports Club trainer, martial artist, inventor and all-around good guy, Maurizio Tangari, to answer members’ questions on Primal Movement and mobility and how it benefits each and every one of us. (Scroll down for Maurizio’s favorite dynamic stretching / warmup) […]

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La Jollans Reduce Injury with Stretching and Mobility, pt 1 – Hips

Front / back hip swings

Increase mobility for better living For more than a few of our La Jolla Sports Club members, golf and tennis reign supreme. Well… behind families and friends and… actually, that’s about it. Over the years, our personal trainers have heard plenty of stories about backs, hips and shoulders. The swings are restricted, the shots and […]

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