7 Psychological Benefits to Spring Cleaning

Photo by Rita Chou on Unsplash

Avoiding spring cleaning this year? La Jolla Sports Club has a few good reasons to just get it done! After what feels like the longest winter San Diego has had in a very long time, spring is finally here. For the romantics in the crowd, this means looooovvvvve is in the air! For the rest […]

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De-Clutter Your Life, De-Clutter Your Brain


Tidying Up With La Jolla Sports Club! Still pumped from the excitement of the NCAA basketball tournament??? Ready for a Final Four that doesn’t include Duke??? We are, too! Science(!) has recently proven it’s better to enjoy yourself now, so have fun with those games while they last. We covered a few basketball-related workouts in our […]

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Holiday Stress? Enter: Breathing!

Photo by Fabian Møller on Unsplash

In our continuing series, La Jolla Sports Club offers up some ideas on how to deal with the holiday stress. Hint: Breathe. In case you missed last week’s award-winning* post, we discussed the healing powers of meditation. In our continuing series dealing with stress, this week we’re going to tackle something you’re already doing: breathing. […]

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Holiday Stress? Enter: Meditation!

In our continuing series, La Jolla Sports Club offers up some ideas on how to deal with the holiday stress. Hint: Meditation. Our stomachs and livers survived Thanksgiving, but we still have about four weeks until we can hit reset on the year. Black Friday, Aunt Edna, Christmas wishlists, Aunt Edna (again), recitals, rain (which has […]

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We Honor Our Veterans… And Then We Sweat

Welcome back! Last week, we talked with Bram Wiley about meditation and its many benefits. We all get a little bogged down by the daily act of living, so it was a good reminder to take a step back and just… breathe… So, maybe this is a good time to go read / re-read that article. You see […]

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Meditation and Thankfulajolla Sports Club

We’ll just come right out and say it: we’re focusing on being thankful this month. First up, we’re thankful that there are so many websites and blogs that are also being thankful, so we can just copy / paste this puppy and go on our way (#1)… kidding… or are we??? Nah, we’re thankful for […]

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