Working Out the Myths pt 2

workout myths

There are a lot of ‘facts’ out there… La Jolla Sports Club helps you cut through the workout myths Hello, LJSC’ers, welcome to part two of our award-winning* article covering workout myths. If you haven’t read part one, yet, go ahead and catch up, we’ll be waiting for you. Caught up? Great. If you have […]

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Getting to Know Your Zumba / Dance Instructor, Shannon!

A fun, informative interview with La Jolla Sports Club Zumba / Dance instructor, Shannon Welcome to the third installment of our group instructor interviews. Our first week covered Pilates instructor, Shanna; last week, we sat down with Spin instructor, Alberto; and below, you’ll learn a little about Zumba instructor, Shannon. Don’t forget to check our schedule to meet these great instructors and find […]

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Putting the ‘Fun’ Back Into ‘Fun Workouts!’

Gym buddies matter

Add a little excitement to your routine with these 9 tips! Ah, San Diego in the spring, where we all crawl out of our parkas and hoodies and scarves and congratulate ourselves for braving another sub-60 degree winter. If you’re lacking a little exercise motivation this Shape’ril, or you just want to mix it up […]

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