Happy Thankfulgiving!

La Jolla Sports Club is grateful for you. Which is so selfish of us 🙂 If you’re like most everyone we know, you love this time of year. It’s cooler here in La Jolla, the days are getting a bit quieter while the year winds down and we take the time to appreciate the people […]

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Suns Out, Buns Out! A Beach Bodyweight Workout!

Photo by Nathan Cowley from Pexels

La Jolla Sports Club Personal Trainer, Candy Agundez, takes you through a beach bodyweight workout! First off, have you met your newest La Jolla Sports Club Personal Trainer, Candy Agundez? You’ve probably seen her smiling face as you’re walking into the gym, but you’ll now be seeing a lot more of her, and downstairs at […]

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