Success of Ages

To close out our theme on generational fitness tips, we thought it would be fun to round up a few success stories across the generations we covered this month: Millennials, Generation X and Baby Boomers. These motivational stories are great examples of conquering fears and overcoming personal, social and nutritional obstacles. One of the common themes from […]

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Hunger Above and Below the Neck

Nutrition San Diego

  Imagine if pizza was just pizza, and not a stress reducer. Guess what? It’s not. It’s just pizza. Now, imagine if that ice cream, those cookies, the bag of potato chips and those burgers with fries were just, well, food, and not mood enhancers? Guess what? They’re not. They’re just food. The trouble is […]

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One Amazing Trick to Lose Weight & Gain Energy Without Dieting

la jolla fitness

  Yep, that’s right. Gratitude is medicine.  You’ve seen the, “Exercise is Medicine” campaign offered up at, the American College of Sports Medicine, the American Medical Association and supported by many health and fitness related organizations notably among them, the American Council on Exercise, The goal of this initiative has been to make […]

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Tips to Balance Work and Life

FItness and Happiness

Take a quick snapshot of your life and you’ll probably see your work, your family, your friends and yourself. Now ask yourself this simple question: what are you achieving and enjoying? Not an uncommon question, since many ponder these two concerns during our daily activities—“What in the world am I really achieving by spending time […]

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Fitness Psychology: How A CHAIR Can Improve Your Health

La Jolla Gym

  Henry David Thoreau once shared that he had three chairs in his home, “…one for solitude, two for friendship, and three for society.” Doesn’t that provide you with remarkable insight about the value of a chair? Chairs provide comfort, stability, relaxation, style and for Thoreau, “…solitude, friendship and society.” A leader in the fitness […]

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