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By Admin / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on Oct 13, 2016

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  • Jan Heineken

    Club Improvements:
    As we age…
    I have watched some club members hold on tightly to the stairway handrails to assist in climbing and descending the rather steep stairs. I believe that all members, young and old, are committed to maintaining their health, agility, and potential. However the limitations of our current building’s architecture with its steep stairs creates an unsafe environment for some. Could we not put more time and energy into making the club more amenable and safe for all ages – and spend less resources on the bike issue? What’s the possibility of putting in an elevator – or even a folding chair lift on to our existing stairway? There are excellent companies who could assist in getting quotes – Pacific Mobility has been a family run and well respected company for many years. Other companies can be approached for bids as well. Thanks for “listening” .

  • John Donaldson

    You’re doing a great job. Thanks for the improvements!

  • Judy Rost

    I joined this club because of the quality and variety of your group exercise and dance classes. I have no interest in bike classes. Storing 50 bikes at the far end of the room will not be conducive to centering the participants close to the teacher and in the room. Many group classes are really full.

    A cushioned wood floor is best for dance classes. If the current floor is cushioned, you could sand and refinish it at far less cost. I am not fond of bikes in the room altogether. Is there not another solution or space nearby to store them? Can you build a “closet”?

    I would also like to request that you make an effort to better clean the floors, possibly some vacuuming. Gym shoes bring in small stones. Many of the dance classes and group classes are barefoot. One little wet mop for the whole floor is not enough, especially when bikers drip sweat. Yuk.