State of Affairs – October

Dear Valued Members, First, I am are pleased to announce that both steam rooms are fully functioning again AND our infrared saunas have arrived. Construction and installation of the saunas will begin soon, so you can enjoy this new amenity. As for the steam rooms, we thank you for your continued patience while they were being […]

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Are You Ready For Some Football?!


… That started four weeks ago. What do you want from us, we’re busy. But boy do we love the NFL. One of the great things about San Diego is that you can have a conversation with someone from every state. There’s a reason we all found ourselves here in beautiful La Jolla, so whether […]

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The Kids Are Back to School, Time to Stop Slacking

Got some hot-dog-and-potato-salad picnic-pounds to work off? Take advantage of your new freedom and stop into La Jolla Sports Club! In the immortal words of Billy Madison, Ohhhh back to school. Back to school. Back to school. Yes, hard-hitting stuff, but it really rings a bell for all you parents out there. One of our LJSC members, […]

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State of Affairs-Spencer Edition, September

Dear Valued Members, With your valuable input over the past few months, we’re moving forward to improve upon and add amenities to our club. It’s very exciting! So, let’s go through what we’re working on as of now.  The addition of infrared saunas will be coming to the club soon! They’ve been ordered and we […]

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12 Fun Beach Activities for the Family

Courtesy of Liz Hansen Photography

You’ve made it! You’re at the Shore / beach / island / (insert desired beach here)! Week one was a hoot, but now the kids are getting restless and your body is soft from too many mai tais, margaritas and those snacks-that-you-eat-only-on-vacation-and-away-from-La-Jolla-Sports-Club. And so, maybe you just say ‘$#@& it!’ and pour yourself another sugar-laden […]

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State of Affairs, August

Dear Valued Members, We are really excited about the future of our business. The feedback we’ve received from you and our staff about club improvements is extremely valuable in making LJSC a best-in-class health club. So please come to see us with any questions or thoughts you may have regarding future improvements related to the […]

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Virtual Reality (VR), Health and Nerdery

Virtual Reality / VR starts to make a splash in the health industry While Virtual Reality has become a household term in the last few years, its roots can be traced back to the Sensorama in 1962. This cutting-edge-at-the-time machine allowed the viewer to sit in front of a machine and enter ‘an alternative existence,’ […]

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State of Affairs, June

Dear Valued Members, We are pleased to welcome Spencer Herrstrom as our new General Manager. If you see him, please congratulate him for accepting this role. Let’s help Spencer continue to make our beautiful club the best in health and wellness. Here are a few updates since last month: The Elevate Row Adjustable Trainer demo is […]

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State of Affairs, May

Dear Valued Members, It’s been a busy spring with many changes on the horizon. For starters, as of June 1, Spencer Herrstrom will be the new General Manager of La Jolla Sports Club. Spencer will be taking over all the day-to-day operations so that Brett can focus on making sure that LJSC continues to provide […]

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