Physical Therapy

BioMechanical Evaluation & Physical Therapy

Derek Samuel is a licensed physical therapist who runs a high-level, concierge-style sports rehabilitation practice. The foundation of his approach is biomechanics. Upon entry into his practice, each patient spends an hour going through a biomechanical evaluation. The patient and Mr. Samuel then work together to map out a specific treatment based on the patient’s goals. Hall of Fame athletes from every major sport and non-athletes alike have benefited tremendously from Mr. Samuel’s patient-focused program.

Mr. Samuel’s approach is extremely comprehensive, hands-on, and thorough. He spends a dedicated hour with each patient and is an expert manual therapist trained in a myriad of soft tissue, as well as joint mobilization, techniques. As the hallmarks of his practice, he combines that “hands-on” type of physical therapy with biomechanical strengthening for proven results.