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New to La Jolla Sports Club‘s menu: Nutrition programming Carl Israelsson, our only Precision Nutrition-certified personal trainer has spent the last few months creating and perfecting a nutrition program that can help kickstart your diet, get you out of a slump, give you the information you’ve needed, help you compete at a higher level, or just plain feel […]

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Just Say No-trition

broccoli head

If you’re still reeling from last week’s post about the evils of sugar, you’re probably not going to like this one much. We checked in with Kristen’s Korner guru, Yoga instructor and La Jolla Sports Club Personal Trainer, Kristen Forkeutis, for some more things to add to the ‘no-trition’ list and she came up with: […]

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Just a Spoonful of Sugar…


We hear ‘don’t’ a lot. Don’t use profane language to a child under 14 in Georgia, don’t give a moose beer in Alaska, don’t commit cannibalism in Idaho (unless it was necessary to survive, in which case, you’ve probably suffered enough), don’t take a nap in a bakery or cheese shop in Illinois, don’t use exploding golf balls […]

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Working Out the Myths pt 2

workout myths

There are a lot of ‘facts’ out there… La Jolla Sports Club helps you cut through the workout myths Hello, LJSC’ers, welcome to part two of our award-winning* article covering workout myths. If you haven’t read part one, yet, go ahead and catch up, we’ll be waiting for you. Caught up? Great. If you have […]

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Written by:  Kathleen Rafaat – As a female, we have been taught to be careful, almost fearful, of carbohydrates.  When you become an athlete, the fear becomes a stumbling block if you do not approach it as a way to maintain physical strength and stamina in your daily workouts and races.  Understanding carbohydrates and […]

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