Article written by KATHLEEN RAFAAT – EatPlayLIveBreath Nutrition – 2013 WHAT ARE THEY? Carbohydrates are found in all food, even a small amount in meat, but mostly in fruits, grains and vegetables. Chemically, carbohydrates in food are made up of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. SIMPLE carbs – sugars – are one or two molecule combinations, which […]

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It is official! ARNA’S LADDER

Our member, Arna Vatuk took the challenge and improved 52.4% over 30 days.  Not only that, she lost 5 pounds.  Julian Fricks took 2nd and Melanie Gilmore was the fastest overall woman.  Come in and see how you can improve your fitness over the Holidays!

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Have You Tried Our New Exercise Equipment?

La Jolla Sports Club

The La Jolla Sports Club is proud to introduce a new and revolutionary piece of equipment to the club, The Jacobs Ladder. The Jacobs Ladder combines cardio training with a strength building exercise. It is a great way to build your core and build muscle proportionally on each side of your body. The ladder itself […]

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FREE Nutrition Seminar – Tuesday, Sept. 24th at 6:30pm

Please join our nutritionist, Kathleen Rafaat, tonight for her monthly free seminar – September 24th at 6:30 p.m. in the Yoga Room. The seminar is titled “How to be a Good Food Shopper” and includes tips to make it easier to read labels, know bad ingredients and keep your family healthy! Handouts will be given […]

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