Now Serving: Nutrition Programming!


New to La Jolla Sports Club‘s menu: Nutrition programming Carl Israelsson, our only Precision Nutrition-certified personal trainer has spent the last few months creating and perfecting a nutrition program that can help kickstart your diet, get you out of a slump, give you the information you’ve needed, help you compete at a higher level, or just plain feel […]

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Brett and Kera Murphy’s State of Affairs, April

Meet The Owners

Dear Valued Members, We hope you all enjoyed March Member Appreciation Month; and with April here we have another perk for you. Last Friday we sent an email sharing our Refer a Friend promotion. Upon your referral sign up at LJSC, you will receive a $50 credit to your club account, one personal training session, one 30 Minute Active Release […]

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Brett and Kera Murphy’s State of Affairs, March

Brett's arms and Kera in Carlsbad

Dear Valued Members, March is “Member Appreciation Month.” What does that mean? To thank you for being part of LJSC, we are giving all members the following: 1 Chiltonic Cryotherapy Session – $65 value (Expires March 31, 2017) 1 Chiltonic Bioimpedance Body Composition Scan – $60 value (Expires March 31, 2017) Multiple Prizes (to be drawn on April 1st) […]

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Brett and Kera Murphy’s State of Affairs, February


Dear Valued Members, January has been a busy month as it usually is in the fitness industry. With that in mind, we understand the need to maintain space and not overcrowd the club. Thus, we are working to determine our membership cap so that each and every one of us can enjoy the club and make our health a […]

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Introducing… Some New People!


Last week, we dropped this little gem: ‘The Tesla, your iPhone, Brick n Bell and La Jolla Sports Club– all are considered to be a work in progress. Building, breaking it down and editing and building again creates success.’ If you haven’t had a chance to read it, it’s all about resolutions. Actually, it’s an […]

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You Say You Want a Resoluuuution*


Lose 12lbs Run a marathon Earn $x more this year Be a better person There you go, your 2017 in a nutshell. See you next year at La Jolla Sports Club. — We are in the grips of the new year, and as we are all painfully aware, this is about the time people–even strangers […]

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Brett and Kera Murphy’s State of Affairs, January


Dear Valued Members, We hope you have had a wonderful holiday season and happy New Year! We are just as excited as you to get back into the swing of things. Thus, we want to update you on some new additions to the club and ongoing  projects. New jump ropes have been added to the […]

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The Art of Giving


It’s finally here. You’ve been practicing for this since Jan 2, 2016. You’ve got this. You have mastered the look. That look. That look that says, Why, thank you so much, I absolutely love this gift! We’ve all been there… The (hopefully) well-meaning gifter has blown the opportunity or maybe forgotten who they were giving the gift to. […]

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Straight Cold Chillin’


Ah, San Diego, home of the scarf in 66 degree weather. Above or below that perfect 76 degrees–THAT WE WERE ALL PROMISED WHEN WE MOVED HERE–and it’s ‘Remember back in 2009 when we had that perfect year of weather?’ or ‘I swear, if this happens again, I’m moving back to Kentucky.’ Hahahahaha, kidding, no one […]

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